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The radio programs that Peter Lamborn Wilson produced during the summer of 1987 are featured below. Additional shows will be added to the archive on a monthly basis. Updates to the archive will move chronologically, beginning with the oldest shows in the late 1980s and moving towards the final shows that aired in the 2000s. New additions to the site will be announced on our newsletter (see below). The process of digitizing & uploaded the programs is time-intensive, so let me invite you to reach out if you are interested in volunteering or making a donation. In the meantime, please enjoy the archive below, as well the "best of" collection featured here.


Moorish Orthodox Radio Hour: The Mahabharata

In this episode, Peter L. Wilson celebrates Peter Brook's epic, nine-hour stage production of the Mahabharata, which he had the honor of attending thanks to the generosity of Brooklyn Academy of Music. This broadcast marks the transition from Wilson's temporary stint on Primary Sources to his own show. Soon hereafter, the name of his show shifted from the Moorish Orthodox Radio Hour to The Moorish Orthodox Radio Crusade; originally broadcast on 01/02/1988.


Premiere of Moorish Orthodox Radio Hour: Ontology, Chaos, & Metaphysics

Peter L. Wilson walks the reader through the metaphysical implications of Chaos Science, Quantum Mechanics, and entropy. A lucid examination of the intersection between cutting-edge science and occultism. I am unsure if Ontological Chaos IV actually belongs to this broadcast; however, it seems likely. Moorish Orthodox Radio Hour; originally broadcasted on 12/01/87.


Further Explorations of the Zine Scene

It has been roughly three months since Peter Lamborn Wilson started his tenure on Primary Sources, and it is clear that his show has struck a chord. He spends most of the show reading correspondence plucked from his mail bag, and gives insightful reviews of his favorite zines. Primary Sources; originally broadcasted on 8/28/87


Semiotext(e) USA

On this episode the MORC collective chat with the editor of Autonomedia, Jim Fleming, about the publication of Semiotext(e) USA. Primary Sources; originally broadcasted on 7/24/87.


Introduction to the Zine Scene

Peter guides the reader into the wild subterranean world of self-publishing in this episode. In the late 1980s fanzine culture exploded into a large-scale, decentralized movement involving the circulation of tens of thousands of 'marginals'. PLW was right in the center of it, and his opinions on the subject are as pignant as they are authoritative. Primary Sources; originally broadcasted 7/03/87



These two tantalizing audio clips feature non-sequential segment of a multi-part broadcast. In them, Peter L. Wilson gives a spirited reading of the invitation to the Antarctic Astral Autonomous Zone, which occurred on the night of August 31st – September 1st, 1987. A historic event for the marginal milieu, the AAAZ was re-staged thirty years later by a new generation of Noble Moors, SubGeniuses, and Discordians. Primary Sources; originally broadcasted 6/26/87.


Afghan Heritage Music

The presenters on this radio broadcast failed to mention the name of the show, which aired some months before Peter L. Wilson's stint on Primary Sources. Nonetheless, it features beautiful Afghan folk music. Originally broadcasted on 3/15/87.